This is a limited edition of only 100 pieces, released as JAPAN EDITION by Supersense in Vienna.

Universal Music's original analog master. A premium lacquer record cut directly from that 1:1 copy without any editing.

This work is a collection of works by Chopin, Brahms, Prokofiev, Ravel, Liszt, and others, recorded in July 1960 at the Beethoven Saal in Hannover, Germany.

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About the product

Martha Argerich, a pianist known for her lively performances, has continued to be a leading figure in the piano world for many years since her debut at the young age of seven.

This work is a collection of works by Chopin, Brahms, Prokofiev, Ravel, Liszt, and others, recorded in July 1960 at the Beethoven Saal in Hannover, Germany.

This record was selected by Supersense from the Universal Music Archive as the title of MASTERCUT/Archive Tape Edition.

Cut directly from a completely unedited 1:1 copy of the original tape provided by Universal Music, this record brings you closer than ever to the artist, the original source material, and the history of the music.

  • -Each piece is hand cut onto a 12 inch acetate lacquer board.
  • ・Jacket artwork by hand-printed letterpress
  • ・Limited serial number included

In addition to high-quality source media, this edition also includes rare, and some historical, companion materials.


  • Recording protocol published by Deutsche Grammophon in July 1960, copied on the Minolta EP 410Z
  • - 1 instant Polaroid photo of Martha Argerich based on an original photo by Klaus Zimmermann
  • ・1 instant Polaroid photo from Supersense Livingroom Studio
  • ・Polaroid photograph of the sound groove ("Brahms Rhapsody in g minor, Op. 79 No. 2") enlarged with a microscope
  • ・Instructions on handling lacquer discs
  • ・Gloves for handling
  • ・Brand introduction sheet by founder Florian "Doc" Kaps

In addition to producing lacquer discs, all of these accessories are produced with a strict focus on analog printing methods (letterpress printing, foil stamping, silk screen printing) and accompanying photographs taken with an analog camera.

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  • Rotation speed: 33 1/3
  • Format: 12 inches
  • Lacquer disc material: MCD (Public Records) acetate lacquer disc with metal core
  • Package size: 360mm(W) x 340mm(H) x 70mm(D)
  • Accessories: Gloves, hand-printed jacket/sleeve, lacquer disc (fixed with original logo-embedded screws), hand-sewn booklet
  • Weight: 1.2kg


A revolution in record production

In exclusive collaboration with Universal Music Austria, Supersense, based in Vienna, the city of music, is pleased to present MASTERCUT EDITIONS, the first lacquer disc cut directly from the master copy, to music fans around the world. It was released for.


Normal analog records are manufactured through various processes such as lacquer, master, mother, and stamper, but Supersense's "MASTERCUT" is a lacquer record that is cut one by one using the original master tape as the sound source. will be packaged and delivered to you.

Completely unedited original sound source

Carefully selected titles are selected from Universal Music Group's famous recordings that remain in music history. Using sound sources copied 1:1 from the original master tapes, each disc is cut directly, unedited and 100% analog, onto high-quality acetate lacquer discs manufactured by Public Records in Japan.

Comment from Florian "Doc" Kaps, founder of Supersense:

"The Archival Tape Edition uses carefully selected tapes from Universal Music Group's archives to create ultra-limited, all-analog, one-to-one copies of some of the world's most beloved music recordings, recreating the essential essence of these recordings. It reveals its enduring charm and celebrates its true soul."

Commitment to analog

We have a strong commitment to analog not only in the discs, but also in the packaging and accessories.

The jackets are made by craftsmen at a printing shop in Vienna using traditional techniques of letterpress printing and foil stamping, and the printed materials are screen printed. Furthermore, the accompanying photos were taken with an analog film camera, allowing you to experience the thorough commitment to analog.


With proper handling, proper storage, and cleaning (always use a carbon fiber record cleaning brush and strictly avoid cleaning with other liquids), it can be played over 100 times, depending on the playback environment and playback equipment. There is a test report from Supersense that shows that there is no problem even if you do.

Always use a carbon fiber record cleaning brush when cleaning MASTERCUT lacquer discs. No matter how soft the cloth is, it may cause scratches or abrasions on the disc surface, and even if it is not painful, it will simply move dirt and will not be as effective, so be sure to use a carbon fiber record cleaning brush. Please use it.

Also, never clean with liquid. Please note that liquid cleaning may cause permanent damage to the board.

Since 2014, Spersense has been conducting a wide range of tests, including record cutting, analysis, and listening tests, and there have been no reports of aging or significant deterioration in sound quality due to storage.

MASTERCUT records are carefully cut in real time. Therefore, the cutting process takes the same amount of time as the total playing time of the record.

yes. A precisely polished sapphire cutting needle is used to cut MASTERCUT records. Cutting is performed while applying electrical heating during the cutting process.

We use the highest quality acetate lacquer disc made by Japan's MDC (Public Records). It has a metal core covered with a thin layer of black lacquer that gives off a beautiful scent and shine.

No digital technology is used in the production of MASTERCUT. Cut from the original analog source, reel-to-reel tape, the tape-to-disc transfer is 100% analog with no digitization.

In the typical record manufacturing process, the "master cut" disc only functions as a template for creating stampers for pressing, and is generally discarded during that process, but with MASTERCUT, each disc is hand-crafted. We deliver the work as a work that is cut directly onto a lacquer board.

no. The master cut itself exists as the first step in the basic record production process. However, MASTERCUT is the first record to be created that does not end with the electroplating process, but instead becomes a worthy piece of musical pleasure on the record player.

All parts, from records to packaging and accessories, are handcrafted and produced using sophisticated analog technology. Manufactured at the Supersense factory in the center of Vienna by a small team of experts in the fields of record cutting, traditional printing methods, and packaging design.

Always store it upright. Never stack records on top of each other, regardless of whether they have jackets or not, as this may cause the discs to warp or crack due to their weight. It's also inevitable that record jackets will get scuff marks and rings will rub and scratch the artwork. Always store this product upright, like a book on a bookshelf.

Be sure to only hold the outer edge of the record. Do not touch the playback surface of the record with bare hands or fingers, as body fat that adheres to the surface may attract dust and affect the sound quality.

Raise and lower the record stylus carefully, using the tone arm lifter whenever possible. If you operate the recorder by hand, there is a risk of scratching the record surface or damaging the record needle if you make a mistake. Also, when you start playing music, use the tone arm lifter to slowly lower the needle in the silent section before the music starts. To end playback, wait until the music has completely faded to silence before slowly raising the needle using the tonearm lifter. If you lower the needle at a certain part of the music, or raise the needle suddenly at a certain part of the music, this may accelerate the deterioration of the lacquer disc. We recommend playing the entire album.

In order to maximize the sound quality of MASTERCUT, we recommend that you use a record player, especially the tone arm, that has undergone basic adjustments (height adjustment, azimuth adjustment, etc.).

yes. Cut directly from a completely unedited 1:1 copy of the original tape.

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