About Ortofon

About Ortofon

Ortofon was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1918.

Ortofon's history dates back to 1918, when A. Petersen and A. Poulsen founded the Electric Phonofilm Company. The two men became famous around the world with the release of the company's first-ever full-scale sound movie system, ``SYSTEM PETERSEN OG POULSEN.'' The Electrical Phonofilm Company was later renamed Phonofilm Industry A/S, under which Ortofon A/S was established in 1951.

The name "Ortofon" itself has already been used as a brand name for pickup products etc. for some time. "Ortofon" is a coined word that combines the Greek words "orto," which means "authentic" or "orthodox," and "fon," which also means "sound." As its name suggests, Ortofon has always been involved in "analog sound". And we continue to consistently pursue the realization of our own slogan of "ACCURACY IN SOUND."

The numerous products that have been created over a century of tradition and history are still evolving. The analog sound reproduced by combining Ortofon's history with the latest technology, such as HiFi cartridges, DJ cartridges, tone arms, and cables, is loved by fans all over the world. Now, in addition to audio-related products, we are applying this technology to the medical equipment and precision equipment industries, and are developing hearing aids and sound measurement equipment.


オルトフォンジャパン株式会社は、1987年にデンマークortofon A/S の子会社として設立されました。輸入販売だけでなく、製品の企画・開発にも積極的に取り組み、
世界中のアナログサウンド普及に貢献する存在となっています。また、ドイツ Acoustic Solid社のアナログプレーヤーの輸入販売も行っています。


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